Review: A Few More Reviews For Under Attack

Uptown Magazine
The Alarm has been around for more than two decades. Second, on this alb these guys serve up an enjoyable, slab of uplifting rock �n� roll that could be compared to the work of many great artists�(B+)

Youth Ink
�Under Attack,� their newest release, is yet another achievement for the veteran rock band. It�s beautifully presented and as fresh and lively as their first. Each of the band�s past albums have been phenomenal hits. �Under Attack� is no exception!… (5 Stars)

Babble And Beat

The Alarm’s new album, ‘Under Attack’ will be released in the U.S. on June 13th. Hallelujah! Their new single, ‘Be Still’ is just one small example, of countless examples, that this band still “has-it”! You can listen to the full song on their website. In case you need a refresher course, we’ve listed some of the best-known Alarm songs:
‘Sixty Eight Guns’, ‘Rain In The Summertime’, Spirit Of ’76’, ‘Sold Me Down The River, ‘Blaze Of Glory’, ‘Strength’, and ‘The Stand’-Stacy’s personal favorite.

Lincoln Today
As usual, the album swells with national pride while tracks like Without a Fight and Few and Far Between are made even more poignant by Peters’ current battle with cancer. Great stuff�.