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The Poppy Fields
�45 RPM�

What the Reviews Say…

Tiscali � Debut single ’45rpm’ is a three minute killer pop song that is destined to crash the punk party, drink all the beer and cop off with the cutest girls. Sparky, punchy and excitable, The Poppyfields are the newest, snottiest and best kids on the block.�

Dripfed � �The Poppy Fields are a young punk band from Chester, with an ear for a hook. They’re evidently not afraid to wear their influences on their sleeves – The Sex Pistols, The Clash, and The Buzzcocks amongst others have obviously had a huge effect of these guys’ musical direction. Less obvious is the PR company’s claim that Rancid and Less Than Jake are also big factors – the sound here is far from contemporary US Buck-Punk, ’45 RPM’ is strictly old-school. Which is ace as far as I’m concerned. 7/10.�

Indielondon � �It�s fast, furious and suitably geared towards joining the post-punk party, and could well set the band on the road to success.

Indigoflow � �It is a catchy little song that I can imagine drunkenly throwing myself around to with gay abandon, while shouting “FOUR-TEE-FIVE ARR-PEE-EMM, FOUR-TEE-FIVE ARR-PEE-EMM”.�

Manchestermusic � �The Poppy Fields wear their influences on their sleeves, which involves stitching on the very best of 1977 London’s brash and gutsy punk pop. Ultimately it�s pretty authentic in that The Poppy Fields manage to capture the spirit of bands like Generation X. In fact �45 RPM� was a Gen X catch phrase and �The Poppy Fields� evokes the same spirit of sneering, but almost poppy skittering punk rock. Full of the right moves and although it�s wearing retro goggles, its honed in on music that was already forward thinking.�

Music-News � �Reading the blurb, your led to believe that this single is delivered by a youthful punk four-piece from Chester but once it started I got that tingling sensation on the back of my neck and distant memories started flooding back. Now I know most people don�t know or care who The Alarm where/are/will be etc, but I�ll stake my life and reputation (yeah, alright I don�t have either) that this little ditty is The Alarm fronted by Mike Peters, my childhood hero. The name says it all.�

MusicOMH � �Since retro rock is this year’s “black”, 45 RPM neatly hitches a lift with the zeitgeist and then dashes ahead. Old farts can bask in the good ole days while young squirts can open themselves up to some real music. Still doesn’t feel right listening to it on CD though!�

Refresh � �45RPM is a very accessible and competent debut single that does certainly have the slight feel of late 1970�s while still sounding up to date. It fast furious and over before you know it.�

�Oh, the music business has been fooled by 45rpm – they are actually The Alarm – an 80’s group who had a great smash way back with 68 Guns. They cameback with a false name so they weren’t pre-judged. It seems to have worked as this has gone in the Top 40 this week.�

Unbarred � 45 RPM is actually very good. Whether you�re the sort of person who bounces around the room to music or not, you sort of feel you should. Less Sex Pistols than The Clash or The Buzzcocks. Worth a listen. 7.5/10.� Go here: