Review: � Purple Turtle, Children of The Revolution,1973 opps sorry 2000.

Rock n Roll Tales Part 100031

� Purple Turtle, Children of The Revolution,1973 opps sorry 2000.

Well hell, what a tale I have to tell —— Before going to the �triumphant comeback� of Children of The Revolution, a few of the gang Andy, Sam, Barney, Stuart, Ian, Jackie and myself decided to met up at the Travelodge (surprise, surprise) and also their old alter egos mates:

Felix Stowe; Glas Gow; East Midlands; Stans Ted; Holy Head and a dodgy bird with red hair called Kat Wick;-}

What the rock n roll omnibus and Spinal Tap directory forgot to tell Sam, Andy and Jackie and myself that we would get stuck in the travelodge LIFT???? for 50 minutes before the show � rock n roll (NOT???) � I started to panic that we might not make the show but we got there somehow by the aid of planks of wood and a few fireman (I kid you not). Never got the fireman�s lift though � shame.

So enough of my waffle here is the report for all you non-attendees???

We let our alter egos stand at the front whilst we lurked around the back of the audience and it looked like they had won the first prize of Best Glam Rockers � as nobody was silly enough to dress up;-} Wise people.

Unfortunately �Webby� appeared on stage just before COTR where to take the stage and said that their limo had broken down on the way and cried out for musicians to take the stage to fill in. So we ended up with a rather �dodgy band� who you may have seen around consisting of Mike Peters, Craig Adams, James Stevenson and Steve Grant � who played a few unknown tunes such as 68 Guns, Wasteland, Spirit of 76, White Riot and ehhh Wasteland again.

Luckily we didn�t have to put up with this �dodgy� support band for any longer. As our national hero�s – Alain Insane; The Rock God – Rufus Stone; Vince St Clair and Heath Row completed with pink fluffy drumkit had managed to get to the venue and stormed onto the stage. Playing a thumping set which included: COTR obviously,

Motorbikin, Metal Guru, Goodbye Jane, Get It On Ballroom Blitz, Jean Genie, Blockbuster, Sweet Caroline, Jet Boy and Feel the Noize, and a few more but unfortunately the old bird with the red wig called Kat Wick was getting a bit carried away so she has forgotten the rest.?????

GOSSIP – How long will the COTR be around as we nearly had a minor scuffle on stage between Vince and Rufus as they were fighting over the champagne � I feel the rehab calling for them all:-}}}

It was a really great fun show and Mike, James, Craig and Steve enjoyed themselves as audiences members as they watch how real rock gods performed;-}

Sadly it had to come to an end but Rufus will return.

Please note the above article to be taken with a large sense of humour.

Kat Wick (Alias Katrina)

PS Anyone seen Kat Wick;-}}}} or have a photos of her I would like to see them �

Author::Kat Wick