Thursday- Pre-Gathering Meet Up

Pre-Gathering updates and photos will be added to the end of this news item daily.
Hi everyone, it’s Lily here from the MPO Team. As the build up for The Gathering next week is in full swing, thought it would be fun to do some “Postings from Pontins” next week as we near Friday.
Last year, I went up to the camp early for merch set up and was absolutely amazed by all the hard work and preparations by Jules, Steve, the MPO team, the band and the crew that go into making The Gathering perfect for all the attendees.

Work that begins months before and down to the last minute to ensure everyone has a fantastic time.

So beginning next week I’ll be posting the daily happenings for a behind-the-scenes look at The Gathering 20. Including a very special interview with Jules on the Gathering.
We hope you enjoy it.

In the meantime, please be sure to check out the photos link here for some candid shots of last years set up.

See you there!!

In addition for any of you on Twitter, it would be great to try and get The Gathering to trend as well as folks following the weekend, so if you could please use hashtag #alarmg20 on your tweets. Cheers.

Tuesday – Merch preperations.

The band have been onsite for several days, but today, the crew begin to arrive and the main task for the day is organising the existing merchandise for the gathering shop. The new t-shirts arrive tomorrow and are amazing.

Counting the stock involved a swift lunch date at the MPO’s favourite cafe near the local waterfall.

Just the small matter of getting the stock to site once the van has gone without us!!!! So myself, Andy Labrow, Jules, and Peter Jones, cram everything into Andy’s trusty mondeo.

We rush back to site to catch the end of today’s rehearsal. We can’t show you any of that!!!! It would spoil the surprise. So here’s a spare drum kit to keep you going!!!

Simon Williams (Ask Simon) arrived onsite….but its soooo hard to chat to him as he is constantly on his blackberry answering a range of questions about local taxi’s and bus tour enquiries (its nearly full!) etc.

Busy day tomorrow, keep checking back for updates.

4 days to go!!!!

Wednesday a.m.- Full Swing

A glorious sunny morning at Pontin’s. band in full rehearsals, more crew and techs have arrived. All the new merch has been delivered, waiting for Jules to arrive for the unveiling, she’s inundated at the office taking care of last minute preparations.

Andy L. busy at work during rehearasals.

Most of the bands gear has arrived and is in place on stage.

Marky Mark re-stringing the guitars..

Will be spending this afternoon unloading, sizing  and counting out merch and setting up displays.

Cheshire Dave hard at work with the teas.

The Poppy flags are flying at the entrance, it’s getting so exciting now seeing it all come together.

Back later for more, and Jules interview to follow. ~Lily

Wednesday p.m.- Excitement Builds!

Busy afternoon and evening..  New merch has arrived, exciting new t-shirts and Gathering merchandise.

Band in full-on band rehearsals, some real gems in the set list. Mike working with Andi Badgeman on the finer details of the light show.
Jules has been working out of the Pontin’s offices today working on last minute room allocations in what will certainly be another Sold Out Gathering!

Pontin’s staff doing their utmost and ready to welcome the long distance Gatherees for their arrival tomorrow.

A special visit from The Design Doc aka Karl Parsons at rehearsals..
A very special thanks to Mel Peters for the fabulous lunch for all of the team..

Thursday Pre- Gathering meet up.

Gorgeous sunrise over Pontin’s… Woke up to the exciting news of a sold out Gathering!!

Super busy day today, Band so energetic at rehearsals, I think we are in for such a fantastic treat this weekend. Crew and techs arrive from South Wales and PA load in.

Merch nearly finished, quick meeting with Jules to review displays and offerings.

Pontin’s reception steadily busy with new early Gatherer’s arriving. In what’s become an annual tradition a trek out to The Bell’s of St.Mary’s for a traditional dinner.

Back to the Queen Vic, to meet with fellow Alarm fans. Great to meet up with old friends and new.

The South Wales gals with Barney..

The pub is buzzing with excitement about the official start to the Gathering tomorrow..  Safe travels all. See you there..