On Saturday the 7.7.07, Mike Peters  will lead The Alarm back onto the stage of Birmingham Academy for the first of  seven U.K. shows to be played throughout 2007 / 08 thus fulfilling the prophecy  he delivered from the stage at the Gathering. "The Alarm will be back when  the three sevens clash".  
 Each show will also coincide with  the release of brand new Alarm music. A brand new EP will be released at each  of the 2007 shows leading up to the launch of the new album ‘Counter Attack’  which will be unveiled at The Gathering 2008!  
 Mike Peters vows that ‘Counter  Attack’ will be a volatile mix of high energy rock and roll inspired by all  that has inspired him.  Amazingly, or not so whichever way you want to  look at it,  7/7/07 is the 30th anniversary since Mike Peters exploded  into life as a musician at the first ever ‘Toilets’ gig at the Palace Hotel in  Rhyl during the legendary summer of 1977.  
 ‘Counter Attack’ and all the  preceeding EP’s will feature brand new Mike Peters’ Alarm compositions [Details  to follow].  
 The Counter Attack Saturday Gigs are  as follows:  
 07.07.07 <strong>Birmingham Academy</strong>&nbsp;  – EP Release – ‘Three Seven’s Clash’  
  04.08.07 <strong>Bristol Academy</strong> – EP  Release – ‘Fightback’  
  08.09.07 <strong>Glasgow Academy</strong> – EP  Release ‘Watching Me Watching You Watching Them Watching Us’  
  06.10.07 <strong>Newcastle Academy</strong> –  EP Release – ‘Situation Under Control’  
  10.11.07 <strong>London Shepherds Bush  Empire</strong> – EP Release – ‘Call To Action’  
  01.12.07 <strong>Manchester Academy</strong> –  EP Release – ‘God Save The Streets’  
  26.01.08 <strong>The Gathering</strong> – LP  Release ‘Counter Attack’  
 Tickets for all shows are &pound;16  advance except for London &pound;19 advance and The Gathering Weekend &pound;40 advance.  [Subject to booking fee].  
    <strong>Tickets are  available now from <a href=""></a></strong> <a href="">&lt;;</a> <strong>or call 01745 571571 / 011 44 [0]  1745 571571</strong>  
 <strong>HOW TO ORDER  TICKETS FROM MPO/</strong><a href=""><strong>WWW.THEALARM.COM</strong></a>
  UK &nbsp;&pound;16 + &pound;1.50 booking fee and  postage * (London &pound;19 + &pound;1.50 booking fee and postage)  
  Europe &pound;16 + &pound;1.50 booking fee and  postage * (London &pound;19 + &pound;1.50 booking fee and postage)  
  USA/Rest of World $30 + $5 booking  fee and postage * (London $35 + $5 booking fee and postage)  
  (For overseas Alarm fans please  contact MPO <a href=""></a> in order that MPO staff can offer  any assistance with your trip)..  
 <strong>SAT 7th July  2007 Birmingham Carling Academy</strong>  
  DOORS 6.30PM [Curfew – 10pm]  
  Location: 52-54 Dale End, Birmingham  B4 7LS UK 0121 262 3000  
  <a href=""></a>
 <strong>SAT 4th August  2007 Bristol Carling Academy</strong>  
  DOORS 7PM&nbsp;[Curfew 11pm]  
  Location: Frogmore Street, Bristol,  BS1 5NA, UK – 020 7787 3131  
  <a href=""></a>
 <strong>SAT 8th  September 2007 Glasgow Carling Academy</strong>  
  DOORS 7PM&nbsp;[Curfew 11pm]  
  Location: 121 Eglinton St, Glasgow,  G5 9NT, UK – 0141 418 3000  
  <a href=""></a>
 <strong>SAT 6th October  2007 Newcastle Carling Academy</strong>  
  DOORS 6.30PM&nbsp;[Curfew 10pm]  
  Location: Westgate Road <strong>Newcastle</strong>-Upon-Tyne,  NE1 1SW. CUSTOMER INFORMATION LINE 0905 020 3999 (25p min).  
  &nbsp;<a href=""></a>
 <strong>SAT 10th  November London Shepherds Bush Empire</strong>  
  DOORS 7PM&nbsp;[Curfew 11pm]  
  Location: Shepherd’s Bush Green,  London W12 Customer Info Line: 0905 020 3999  
  <a href=""></a>
 <strong>SAT 1st  December 2007 Manchester Academy</strong>  
  DOORS 7PM&nbsp;[Curfew 11pm]  
  Location: Ground floor, Students  Union, Oxford Road M13 9PR Tel: 0161 275  2930&nbsp;  
  <a href=""></a>
 <strong>HOW TO ORDER  TICKETS FROM MPO</strong>  
  UK &nbsp;&pound;16 + &pound;1.50 booking fee and  postage  
  Europe &pound;16 + &pound;1.50 booking fee and  postage  
  USA/Rest of World $30 + $5 booking  fee and postage  
  (For overseas Alarm fans please  contact MPO <a href=""></a> in order that MPO staff can offer  any assistance with your trip).