New website! Note From The Webteam

Note From The Old “Webmaster” And The New “Content Editor”… welcome to the all new website.

The new website is easier to navigate and will allow us to add lots more news, features, photos and videos from the archive in the future. We’ve streamlined the information flow, and we have simplified how information is delivered, so you ,the loyal fan will be able to get to what you want to read as fast as possible. As you might notice, we have removed a lot of the older news from the site.  This is not permanent, but we felt that there would be a better way to display the news from a more historical perspective (and remove some of the less important news, such as what time the doors are opening at a gig 5 years ago!). As an example of what the new archive looks like, we have taken news, photos, tour dates, and historical notes from the history of The Alarm through 1981, and posted them in the new archive section here: Pre-1982 History.

At the same time, thanks so the new “Content Editor In Chief” Andy Labrow, you should get stories, photos and videos much faster, much more frequently, and of a higher quality than ever before.  We are very happy to Andy on-board to make this thing happen.  Andy has been working behind the scenes for over two years now, updating the old site, and preparing the new one for release.  He also takes all those wonderful photos you see in the photos section.

As far as “webmastering” goes, we are very happy to be done with the old code, and to move onto WordPress as our authoring system. It is going to make things much easier, and in most cases remove technology from the equation, and just allow us to do updates. We’ve been struggling to keep the site afloat since 2008, when the burden of daily content became far too much for us  to handle. Now that Andy has heroically taken-up that duty, we are  free to set some big-picture goals, and work on some features involving the history of The Alarm! From that end, look for updates to the discography, and history section much more often as the whole web site team takes this opportunity to put the history and significance of the world’s greatest band, The Alarm, back into the proper perspective.

Also, more good news, a new store is coming!  The old one needs to be taken out into a field and beaten with baseball bats…which would make an awesome video the song Zeros And Ones…but we digress

So again, please welcome Andy to the fray (even though he has been in it for long time), thanks for being patient for the past few years, and we all hope you will enjoy the new site.  Content is scheduled to be added regularly in he future.


Steve Fulton and Andy Labrow