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‘Never Let The Fires Die’

Episode One : The Night Young Georgie Died.

Broadcasting now

Join podcast producers Steve and Jeff Fulton immediately after the broadcast, for a live discussion on the Official Alarm Facebook page, where you will be able to discuss all aspects of the program and to suggest future podcast topics.

Produced by founder members Steve and Jeff Fulton, the Podcast series intends to share new perspectives and alternative views about all things related to the life and times of The Alarm, all of it’s members, associated music creation and song..

The first podcast ‘The Night Young Georgie Died’,  focuses on the writing of ‘Let The River Run Its Course’ from the original Alarm lineup’s last studio album ‘Raw’, and features a brand new interview on the subject with Mike Peters.


The podcast also features some previously unheard demo recordings from the ‘Eye Of The Hurricane’ rehearsal sessions, where ‘Let The River Run Its Course’ started it’s initial creative journey under the working title ‘Georgie’ in 1987.


Photo : The Alarm 1987 at Dyserth Waterfalls, North Wales.

The song was reworked for a third time in 2011 as the version entitled ‘Strength To Strength’ that featured on the 30th Anniversary Alarm album ‘The Sound & The Fury’.


The Podcast series is a must listen event for all Alarm scholars, and promises to cover the group’s history with a respectful yet uncompromising editorial policy.

Let’s keep the flame of hope alive.