Never Let The Fires Die Podcast Episode #4: Backstage At The UK Tour Kickoff

Listen as roving UK reporters Gary Overington and Mike Peters himself take you on a unique journey backstage at the 2017 UK Tour Kickoff in Portsmouth.  Includes interviews with with the crew and band (including a very intimate  personal and interview with Jules Jones conducted by Gary) plus several live performances.

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  • Gary Overington
  • Mark Warden
  • Andi Badgeman
  • Mike Peters
  • Jules Jones
  • James Stevenson
  • Smiley
  • Alarm super fan Pete Cole.


  • Lie Of The Land
  • Brighter Tan The Sun (live)
  • Howling Wind (live)
  • Time (live)
  • Love And Understanding (live)
  • There Must Be A Way (live)
  • Strength (live)
  • Tomorrow (live)
  • Kill To Get What You Want (live)
  • Peace (live)
  • 68 Guns (live)
  • 45 RPM (live)
  • Blaze Of Glory (live)
  • Marching On (live)
  • Two Rivers (live)


  • Recording Engineers: Gary Overington, Mike Peters
  • Edited and Mixed by Steve Fulton