Mike Peters – Solo in Austin, TX

Mike Peters is to perform a one off solo acoustic show in Austin, Texas on Monday, July 15th.

The show will take place as part of Live Vibe’s Sideshow Confessional Concert Series at the Listening Room, Winflow, 1315 West Sixth Street, Austin, Texas 78703.

The show will be an intimate up close and personal type of affair hosted by Love Hope Strength co-founder James Chippendale who will be asking Mike about his life in rock and roll with both The Alarm, Big Country and Love Hope Strength. It promises to be an insightful night and also a rare opportunity for US Alarm fans to hear Mike perform in a solo capacity.

The night will also be filmed for an upcoming documentary about Mike Peters and the Love Hope Strength Foundation. Tickets are $40 and the proceeds will go to the Love Hope Strength Foundation.