Interview: Interview: Music Minded Blog Chat With Mike Peters

The Music Minded Blog has posted a new interview with Mike Peters:
<b>Q: Some of the faster ones, like "Cease & Desist," "Superchannel" almost have a punk edge. It�s like getting back to the early days of the Alarm in a way.</b>
A: That�s right. That�s what we�ve been able to do with this band is reconnect with the original energy that kicked the band off. In the �80s, because of circumstance and the way things went, we got lugged into being compared to U2 more often than not. We got thrown in with that U2/Simple Minds/Big Country thing. Really, the Alarm�s roots were much more of a punk rock band. When we first came out, we were seen as a punk rock band with acoustic guitars that sounded like The Clash meets Bob Dylan. Being led by me solely these days that comes out more in the music than the echo-drenched sound we ended up with in the mid-80s. Dave�s guitar style with the delay unit. Also U2 started to play harmonicas and acoustic guitars and wear cowboy hats. There were a lot of things incestuous from the days of us playing a lot of shows together. U2 brought us to America, so we were always grateful for that. They�re an amazing band, but I never understood why we got compared to them.
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