Interview: INTERVIEW: Before Kloten Festival, May 1984

INTERVIEW: Before Kloten Festival, May 1984

Notes: A well meaning, but hard to understand

German speaking Swiss

girl interviewed the band. Her questions

are denoted with


I: "I just told People, umm, That you are using


acoustic guitars, and ah, not any synthesizers,

and this is very

rare nowadays, and why do you use no synthesizers?"

Mike: "Well we just tend to think of ourselves

as a band that writes

songs, songs are written on guitars, songs

are written by human

beings, not by machines. You know, we

do the synthesizer a

little bit, but only as a musical instrument,

not as something

to take over the people, because music

is about emotion, and we

show out emotions live on stage, that’s

what it is all about.

I: "So you are a real live band then, and we’ll

see you tonight, but

what is, what are you doing tonight? In Switzerland

you are not

as well known as in England, how do you conquer

a new audience?"

Twist: "Play live basically."

I: "Play loud hehe…"

Twist: "No, live, playing live"

I: "What does it mean"

Twist: "It means we enjoy playing live shows,

which is what we are

doing tonight"

I: "And then you come over to them?"

Twist: "Oh yeah, yeah, definitely"

Dave: "Just want to say hello to Switzerland

basically, ’cause we

haven’t been here before. Hello"

Twist: (laughs)

Mike: (laughs)

I: "You are compared to great groups like U2,

Clash, and even The

Rolling Stones and Who, so what do you think

of that?"

Mike: "We don’t mind, if you are going to

get compared, get compared

to the best,… you know, as we are a song

writin’ band, and

all groups who have great songs, we pride

ourselves that we

have, and, ya know, if we’ve been talked

of in that company,

that must all get well for the future."

I: "But…is Alarm different to other groups

now coming from


Mike: "Were here in Switzerland, and their


I: "Ok, let’s play live..but a, you were touring

with The Pretenders

and the U2 in America, how was it?"

Mike: "It was a great opportunity, ya know,

we are alive band, and

that gave us an opportunity to play live

in front of somebody

else’s audience, ya know, we went out there

to nick the

audience, and we managed to establish ourselves

as a headline

act in America in our own right, and we

hope to be doing that

here in Switzerland tonight, it is our

first ever live concert,

although we did the ???? Pop Festival once

but that was miming,

but now we are here to show what we can

really do as a live


I: "You told me before I talked to you, you

are still fans from U2


so on, and how do you show this, that you are


Dave: "Well, we always have been, and we

always will be fans of music,

we appreciate all different kinds of bands,

we just like to


that we can be like everyone out there

ya know."

I: "Ok let’s go, huh"


The Alarm go out and play a short, but good show

including the songs:


-Marching On

-Where Were You Hiding When The Storm Broke?

-Howling Wind

-Third Light

-The Chant

-The Stand

-68 Guns

-Bound For Glory

This show is available on a few different bootleg

CDs, for example:

-The Alarm, Live in Switzerland 1989

-The Alarm, Live In Switzerland 1984

Transcribed by Steve Fulton, 4-16-95