Handwritten Lyric & Dedicated CD

Mike Peters

30th Anniversary Handwritten Lyric & Bespoke Dedicated CD Recording

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The Lyrics
Due to public demand and to celebrate 30 years of Mike Peters’ words and music, 21st Century brings you an unprecedented opportunity to own a real and unique piece of Mike Peters / Alarm History.

For a limited period only, Mike Peters will personally create for you a one off piece of A4 art featuring the Individually handwritten Mike Peters lyric of your choice, along with signature and wafer seal of authenticity, embossed with an official Red Poppy logo.

Each artefact (which can also be personalised to suit), will be further endorsed with an official letter of provenance from Mike Peters, validating the authenticity of the handwritten lyric that will be yours to own forever.

Each personalised handwritten lyric will be personally created on luxury parchment paper (90 gsm), and delivered in a Black / Silver embossed card frame strut mount, sealed and gift wrapped.

The Music

Again, due to public demand, Mike Peters is now taking commissions for bespoke dedicated audio CD recordings that can be chosen from any single song in his entire published body of work. Each CD will feature a Mike Peters’ spoken introduction (based on your wording and dedicated to you or your loved ones), followed by a special acoustic based performance of the chosen song.

Over the last 20 years of MPO, Alarm fans worldwide have contacted MPO in request of a personal recording from Mike in honour of a special anniversary, ranging from a Birthday, Christening, Christmas, Wedding Anniversary, Congratulations, Wedding Song etc. etc…. MPO can now offer a unique service to personalise anniversaries of Alarm fans all over the world. 30 years of songwriting, celebrated in a choice of some 300 songs written by Mike Peters!

After almost every concert I have ever played someone has come up to me and asked me to write something special on their Mike Peters / Alarm CD’s or photos, but because of obvious post-gig time constraints, I have only ever really been able to do something brief and informal such as writing that person’s name and / or a simple signature. But now, and to celebrate 30 years of music-making, I have decided to dedicate myself to this endeavour and give everyone the chance to own something special and uniquely personal from me that can either be displayed in the home or played to friends and family as a mark of our enduring and continuing relationship” Mike Peters 2011.

Special Offer : Commission both handwritten lyric and dedicated music CD together before the end of the year and receive a third off the purchase price.

*** As part of the Special Offer, you will also be offered the opportunity to have your audio dedication recorded live and have an official photo taken with Mike at any of the dates during the forthcoming acoustic anniversary tour or alternatively at The Gathering 2012.

(Please email alarmcalling@mac.com or call 07548 716962 to make arrangements).

****Free postage and packaging with each order placed before the end of December 2011.

Choose from any of the following Mike Peters Songs (lyric and song do not have to be the same) :

Unsafe Building
Lie Of The Land
What Kind Of Hell
The Stand
Thoughts Of A Young Man [Part I]
For Freedom
The Peace Train
Marching On
Where Were You Hiding When The Storm Broke?
Sixty Eight Guns
We Are The Light
Shout To The Devil
Blaze Of Glory
The Deceiver
Pavilion Steps
Third Light
The Stand [Prophecy]
Unbreak The Promise
Howling Wind
The Chant Has Just Begun
Second Generation
Absolute Reality
Knife Edge
Spirit Of ’76
Walk Forever By My Side
Father To Son
Caroline Isenberg
Dawn Chorus
Only The Thunder
The Day The Ravens Left The Tower
Absolute Reality
Newtown Jericho
Rain In The Summertime
Rose Beyond The Wall
Hallowed Ground
Eye Of The Hurricane
Permanence In Change
Presence Of Love
World On Fire
Time To Believe
Only Love Can Set Me Free
Rescue Me
A New South Wales
Elders And Folklore
Change I
Sold Me Down The River
Devolution Workin’ Man Blues
Love Don’t Come Easy
The Rock
No Frontiers
Where A Town Once Stood
Black Sun
Prison Without Prison Bars
How The Mighty Fall
Corridors Of Power
Breaking Point
Rivers To Cross
A New South Wales
The Road
The Wind Blows Away My Words
Moments In Time
Let The River Run It’s Course
Lead Me Through The Darkness
Hell Or High Water
Firing Line
Back Into The System
A New Chapter
It Just Don’t Get Any Better Than This
White Noise
Poetic Justice
All I Wanted
If I Can’t Have U
Love Is A Revolution
Whose Gonna Make The Peace?
What The World Can’t Give Me
Beautiful Thing
Into The 21st Century
This Is War
Train A Comin’
Shine On (113th Dream)
Feel Free
All Is Forgiven
My Calling
What Is It For?
Psychological Combat Zone
The Love We Made
Broken Silence
Gone Elvis
In Circles
High On The Hill
I Want You
You Are To Me
The Wasting Land
First Light
Down The Road
Ground Zero
Burnout Syndrome
House Of Commons
Life Can Be Beautiful [Sometimes]
Flesh & Blood
Steve’s Theme
Staring Into Thin Air
If I Ruled The World
Those Were The Days [Bastard Days]
Lucky Numbers
[She’s Got] Two To Think Of Now
St. David’s Day
Working Class Heroine
A New Wales
Under The Sun
State Of Independence
Heavy Rain
View From A Different Window
Fade In Fade Out Fade Away
This Life
For The Love Of
Where Do You Want To Go
All Kinds Of Wonderful
Everything Is Here
Happy And Glorious
Live Through You
Only Bleeding
All Around The World It’s Christmas Time
Alone Together
In The Beauty Of My Surroundings
Right Back Where I Started From
The Rock And Roll
All Seeing
The Life You Seek Does Not Exist
With Friends Like You Who Needs Enemies
The Normal Rules Do Not Apply
New Home New Life
Rain Down
When You Can’t Have What Everybody Else Has
How Long And How Much Longer
45 Rpm
I Never Left I Only Went Away
My Defences
The Unexplained
Federal Motor Voter
The Search For The Real Life
When Everything Was Perfect
The Drunk And The Disorderly
Be Still
It Happens
Terms And Conditions
Peace Agreement
The Crescent
Edward Henry Street
The Sea
Where Are We Going And What Are We Going To Do When We Get There?
Waiting For The Summer
Land Of Hope And Glory
Bank Holiday Weekend
Mercenary Skank
Up Downtown
In You I See The World
Lazy Dayz
Where Have All The Good Times Gone?
It’s Going To Be A Good Year
Coming Home
The Innocent Party
Safe Houses
True Life
You’re Only Young [And Innocent] Once
Few And Far Between
Free Inside
Festival Of Light
In The Poppyfields
Without A Fight
My Town
It’s Alright/It’s Ok
Something’s Got To Give
This Is The Way We Are
The Opening
Three Sevens Clash
Kill To Get What You Want [Die For What You Believe In]
Fill In The Blanks
Zeros And Ones
Love Hope And Strength
The Fall Out
Fight Back
[What About] The Man On The Street
War Cry
Love Is My Enemy
Life Support System
This Is Not A Test
The Alarm Calling
Come On
Watching Me Watching You Watching Them Watching Us
State Of Emergency
The Checkout
Situation Under Control
Change III
Milk And Opportunity
Plastic Carrier Bags
Economic Pressure
Call To Action
The Infomercial
Higher Call
Rat Trap
Into The Light
Dub Police
War Song
Badge Of Honour
For The Faithful
Counter Attack
Riot Squad
Right Now
Not Gonna Take It [Anymore]
Hit The Ground Running
Badge Of Honour [Part II]
Gun To My Head
Make It Your Own Way
Come Alive
Crash And Burn
After The Rock And Roll Has Gone
Direct Action
Release The Pressure
Another Country

* Custom Framing not included in actual price.