Gig: 4/4/1984, The Alarm, The Agora, Cleveland, OH

4/4/1984: The Alarm, The Agora, Cleveland, OH

The Pretenders “Learning To Crawl” tour. The Alarm were touring to support the Declaration album
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Set List
Includes “Unsafe Building”,”Reason 41″ and extended “Howling Wind”
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Fan Comments
My girlfriend and I were in about the 9th row and were going
INSANE when The Alarm was on, but not many people around us were, which was good for us, because we got lots of attention from Mike, because he could focus on us, because we were up and dancing and singing and shouting, etc….

I actually watched the Pretenders part sitting on equipment cases, sidestage, with Twist (who I am sure does not remember this) but I was totally starstruck in love (all of 16 years old…) and it was like the highlight of my year�
(Elizabeth G)