Gig: 12/11/1999, Mike Peters, The Anson Rooms, Bristol

12/11/1999: Mike Peters, The Anson Rooms, Bristol

Support to Big Country.
Featuring Eddie Macdonald on acoustic guitar
Press Release
Eddie MacDonald from the Alarm and Mike Peters support Big Country with a full electric band!Set List
ground zero
rescue me
spirit of 76
68 guns
blaze of glory

Band Comments

Fan Comments
the moshpit was frantic with heaving sweating bodies as Mike
and the band belted out a 7 song salvo to those who came into the hall from
the bar. When he came on the hall was quite sparse, but withing 5 minutes it
had filled up very well, as many BC fans were drawn into the hall to watch
the man oin action bursting out classic MP and ALaRM compositions. the crowd
went mental for him and long after he had left the stage the crowd were still
singing Blaze of Glory. A triumphant evening for MP.