Gig: 11/29/1985, The Alarm, Palladium, Los Angeles, CA

11/29/1985: The Alarm, Palladium, Los Angeles, CA

Strength Tour.
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It was definitely the wildest Alarm
concert I’ve ever attended (been to many). I went with my friend Robert. My
older brother Russell went with some of his friends too, and I also saw a few
other people from my high school who I hadn’t known were Alarm fans.
The concert and the energy were incredible. People were jumping everywhere
and people stuck up front started getting hurt. (a little too wild) I
remember one girl tried to get out and kind of collapsed right next to me.
All I could do was pick her up and send her on her way because I could barely
move myself. Mike actually stopped the concert and said people were getting
hurt and said something like “where I come from people jump just straight up
and down” to get us to settle down a bit. Him stopping the show like that
showed me that he really did care about the fans — something we all know
now. People were loosing shoes everywhere including my friend with me, I
luckily was wearing my hightops which helped them to stay on, but after the
concert there were shoes all over the place.
I don’t remember the set list but I do remember being totally blown away
and especially by Blaze of Glory and Strength. The part I remember best was
the end. During “We are the Light” people started passing candles to the
front. It was an incredibly powerful experience.
(Kevin J R)