Gig: 10/21/2002, Dave Sharp, Alexandra Theatre, Birmingham

10/21/2002: Dave Sharp, Alexandra Theatre, Birmingham


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ALARM! Chewing Gum Does Not Lose Its Flavour


In 1980, Alarm guitarist, Dave Sharp, phoned singer Mike Peters and announced that if they mixed punk rock with skiffle they’d have a million seller. He was proved right when The Alarm, armed with acoustic guitars, a punk-protest attitude, and a skiffle-beat, went on to have Number 1 records on both sides of the Atlantic.

Twenty years on, after the formation and subsequent break-up of The Alarm, rocker Dave Sharp returns from the U.S., this time to play on the bill with the King of Skiffle himself, Lonnie Donnegan, at the Alexandra Theatre on Sunday, October 21.

“I’m here to put the spirit of rock’n’roll into a sad and lifeless British corporate music scene,” says Sharp, “and I can’t think of a better way to fire things up than to be sharing the bill with the Governor.”

If The Alarm’s blend of punk and skiffle was any measure of success, then the Alexandra Theatre will be host to an evening of serious rock’n’roll.Set List

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