Gig: 10/13/2000, Mike Peters/Alarm 2000, Galaxy Theater, Santa Ana, CA

10/13/2000: Mike Peters/Alarm 2000, Galaxy Theater, Santa Ana, CA

The next night at The Galaxy Theater in Santa Ana was even better the night before . A sell-out crowd on 1000+ plus reacted much the same as at the Key club, just louder and more enthusiastic. It was an awesome sight to see Alarm songs played to people who truly appreciated them.
Press Release
Mike Peters: Lead vocals, guitar
Guitar: James Stevenson(Chelsea,Generation-X, Gene Loves Jezebel)
Bass: Richard Llewellyn (Jess,Cartoon)
Drums: Steve Grantly: (Stiff Little Fingfers)Set List
1. Marchin’ On
2. Where Were You Hiding When the Storm Broke?
3. Knife Edge
4. Deeside
5. Majority
6. One Step Closer to Home
7. Unsafe Building
8. Absolute Reality
9. Rivers To Cross (1/2 Welsh 1/2 English)
10. Walk Forever by My Side
11. The Deceiver
12. The Stand
13. Sold Me Down the River
14. Strength
15. Rain in the Summertime
16. Rescue Me
17. Spirit of ’76

18. 68 Guns
19. Blaze of Glory
Band Comments

Fan Comments
Mike made good on his promise, and sang “Rivers To Cross” for my sisters’ birthday. He even made the crows sing “Happy Birthday” to her. She could not have been happier, and called it “the Best Birthday” ever.
-Steve fulton

I am still in shock over last nights show at the Galaxy. Mike was AWESOME (as usual) and I got to hear him sing my dedication (Walk Forever By My Side) live and that made my LIFE!

All I can say is WOW! I will not go into the depth of how wonderful last
nights show was, instead I would like to say thank you. Thank you to
everyone that was there last night. Of all the numerous shows I’ve been to, I haven’t meet such a nice group of people and I haven’t felt such camaraderie since the early days. Thank you to the gentleman that let my friend and myself move in front of him because we’re short. And here’s a big high five to the other white poppy vest. Last night I was reminded of what The Alarm is all about, of course, incredibly energetic and spiritual music but, it is also about people coming together and experiencing something that not many ever will. The Spirit of 76 is still alive in 2000.

I had another fabulous Alarm2000 evening — at the Galaxy in Santa Ana this time. Great to see everyone, old and new faces. I’m still blown away at how well the guys Mike chose to back him are doing with the Alarm songs.

Wow anybody who was the slightest fan of the alarm will love mike peters
and alarm 2000. What a treat to sea such a great show. the great venue
size is a treat, Orange county was wonderful. Everyone enjoy!!
(Carrie Neikes)