Gathering Photos Now Available

The Gathering 19 – Photos now posted

The Gathering 2011 is over. Here at the MPO we all thought that last years Gathering couldn’t be topped. But somehow, and with the help of 1500 Gatherers, it was!!!

From Rusty Egan’s inspired DJing, skating event ‘Blades of Glory, The Legendary Glen Matlock to possibly one of the best Alarm shows ever…The Gathering 19 rocked from end to end.


Setup and Arrivals
The Alarm in the Round
Big Country
Chris Summerill and Killing for Company
Saturday morning – Football, Coach Trip, Guitar show and Masterclass
Mastermind Quiz
The ‘A’ Factor
The Alarm on Ice (Blades of Glory)
Support Bands – Vicious Liberty, Bruce and Jamie Watson, Glen Matlock and The Philistines
The Alarm
Saturday aftershow party
Signing session
Banners and Flags
Chalkboard Messages

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