Gathering Mastermind – Who Is Mod?

Are you the ultimate Alarm fan? Find out by joining in the ultimate Alarm Quiz.

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Who is Mod?

Richard Jones (Mod) was born in Prestatyn in 1964 and is now forty-something(!) years of age.

He first met Mike Peters at the age of thirteen and within twelve months was regularly attending Seventeen shows, traveling with the band in the back of their van and being sneaked in through the back door of various licensed premises.


He was present at the first ever Alarm gig and has attended countless shows since then. He has been privileged to witness many of the Alarm’s classic songs being written, rehearsed and recorded.

He holds the dubious distinction of having slept on the carpet of some of the plushest hotels the Alarm ever stayed at, whilst traveling on a meagre student budget during the early 80’s.

During the time he should have been studying at University, he would often masquerade as part of the Alarm’s road crew, charged with the very important duty of purchasing Mike’s breakfast each day, comprising a Cornish pasty, a can of Coke, and a copy of the Sun newspaper.

His favourite show of the original line-up of the Alarm would have to be the Forest National in Brussels in October 1984. Incidentally, this was the day that Everton beat Man United 5-1, something that Mike has never been allowed to forget.

His favourite show of the new era was the Coloursound performance at the Greenbelt Festival.

He was a founder member of the now defunct Alarm football club, who played in the Rhyl and District Sunday League for several years. He was often seen washing the kit, putting up the nets but was rarely good enough to play for the team. On those rare occasions he did play, he would be seen marauding down the right wing and being generally out of position. His two goals in six years were a fine return.

He was enlisted as the QuizMaster for the first ever Mike Peters Mastermind in 1996 and has fulfilled this role ever since.

Despite his dalliances, he qualified as a Solicitor in 1988 and is now in partnership with Jules’ brother Andy. Mike and Jules are two of his dearest and closest friends.

A personal message from Mod

I am really looking forward to the 20th Gathering and the honour and privilege of hosting another year’s Mastermind.Mike and I always enjoy our evening sorting the questions and this year was no exception.

It is always a pleasure to be in the company of Mike and Jules and their infectious enthusiasm cannot help but rub off on you.

There have been changes in my life recently, including Divorce proceedings. Through some of the dark days of the last few months, I have taken much solace in listening to some of the Alarm classics which have brought back so many good memories and helped to put a smile on my face.

Let’s make this year the best yet.