Event: 11/20/2000, Mike Peters, BBC Radio 2 with Janice Long (11pm -1am approx)

11/20/2000: Mike Peters, BBC Radio 2 with Janice Long (11pm -1am approx)

Mike Peters rocked Radio 2 with a little help from his MPO friends. As Mike arrived at the Pebble Mill studios, DJ, Janice Long and long-time supporter of The Alarm was thrilled to welcome Mike to her BBC Radio 2 studio.

The mountain of email and faxes awaiting Mike's arrival was amazing – the BBC staff were astounded at the response to Mike's appearance on the show.

After some introductory chat with Janice, Mike played 'The Stand' and then Janice valiantly relayed as many email questions as possible to Mike, leading up to the news.

Emails, faxes and phone calls were bombarding the studio and Janice's assistant struggled vainly to ferry the requests from the control room to the studio where Janice and Mike were catching up on old times like hanging out in Erics, Pete Wylie and the Children of the Revolution.

Mike then played a moving Walk Forever by my Side for a delighted Janice followed by a hastily concocted Alarming Mike Medley which had Ms. Long bouncing around the studio with glee. (Marching On… Where Were You Hiding When the Storm Broke?… 68 Guns…Spirit of 76….Knockin' on Heavens Door)

The BBC World Service meant that many MPO members were able to listen to Mike on air and both Janice and Mike were thrilled to receive emails from as far afield as California, Philadelphia, New York, Florida and even Canada, not forgetting all over the UK…

Mike and the MPO would like to make special thanks to all the MPO members who contributed to the show and helped to make the session such a treat.
Press Release
Mike Peters will be appearing on Janice Long’s BBC Radio 2 show next Monday (Nov 20th) (approx 11pm -1am). Janice will be interviewing Mike at length and Mike will be performing live on the show.

Mike would love to hear from you while he is live on air so don ‘t be shy… please telephone, email Janice Long/Mike Peters at Radio 2….Set List
The Stand
Walk Forever By My Side
Medley: Marching On / Where Were You Hiding When the Storm Broke? / 68 Guns / Spirit of 76 / Knockin' on Heavens Door
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