Declaration Vinyl – Dispatched!

The Alarm – Declaration 2014 Vinyl Limited Edition 2014 (which sold out exclusively via, has been dispatched today.

All of us at want to thank members of the ‘300’ club who have made the investment in vinyl, for their patience. The hold up in delivery was caused by the global demand for vinyl and unexpected scale of volume generated by World Record Store Day on April 19th.

Mike Peters was able to personally sign off on the test pressings during the Declaration UK tour and confirmed that the album (which has been arranged for vinyl in the same running order as the original 1984 Declaration), sounded superb.

“it was such a thrill to hear the music on a record player. It sounds so warm and leapt out of the speakers in a way that only an analogue recording can. It immediately took me back in time to another era when all the music making I was part of was released in this way. I know all the fans are excited about getting to hear the vinyl version and I really think it will be worth the wait. I’d forgotten so much about how the vinyl process works because in the digital domain there is no ‘test pressing’ element to the CD making process, and as a result, a lot quicker turn around time. Being part of this process certainly reminded me of how special the ‘record’ making process was / is. It’s like when you had to wait for photographs to come back from the dark room. It was all so exciting to hear the new versions of the songs in the original running order which makes for a whole other listening experience to the one created by the new CD. I hope that I can make more ‘records’ in the future and I’m certain that everyone who has secured a copy of Declaration 2014 on Vinyl will be thrilled by the sound in the same way I have been.” says Mike.

Declaration – Vinyl Edition Running Order

Side One
Marching On
Where Were You Hiding When The Storm Broke?
Third Light
Sixty Eight Guns (Original Lyric Version)
We Are The Light
Side Two
Shout To The Devil
Blaze Of Glory
Tell Me
The Deceiver (Original Lyric Version)
The Stand (Prophecy Version)
Howling Wind

Manufacture of the actual ‘Red Vinyl’ LP’s took place at a pressing plant in the Czech Republic and the response to the vinyl pressing was so well received that we are now planning for more Limited Edition Vinyl releases to go with future Mike Peters // Alarm recording projects. Thanks again from all of us here at and we hope you enjoy listening to a real piece of rare and valuable Alarm history!