The Life, The Alarm & The Rock & Roll!
Mike Peters Interview � Autumn 2002
By Steve Fulton, USA

Can you explain a bit about ‘The Life You Seek Does Not Exist�?

Everywhere I go these days I see people rushing around chasing a life that does not exist. Every magazine I read, every TV show portrays a life that the normal person cannot possibly aspire to. It might look great and cool but all it does is breed discontent and unhappiness. We live in a world of hyper-advertising and all of us are targets of global advertising. It’s almost inescapable. Sometimes, I feel that the only place I can hide is within music. Music is still the only art form that truly liberates, excites and uplifts me.

‘All Seeing’ is sonically similar to ‘Close’ with its ringing guitars and e-bow. Did you make a conscious effort to include a couple of songs that sounded sonically similar to the lead-track?

There is definitely a conscious effort to create sonic connections across the tracks. ‘All Seeing’ was actually built on top of drums that were originally recorded for a different song from the main Kinmel Hall sessions of last October. I had decided not to continue with the song, as something didn’t feel right about it. The other thing that happened was that I couldn’t quite get the lyrics right for a song originally intended for release on part one so I decided to hold it over for part two. That meant I was a track short. Some instinct lead me to trying ‘All Seeing’ out over the drums of the discarded track and it just felt right straight away. I then took the track up to Craig Adams in Leeds to record his bass part. It was at this time that Craig came up with the bass riff that drives the song…

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