Blog: MPO, BUCKINGHAM PALACE, LIFE WITH MIKE… Diaries of a Rock Chick (Wannabee)

It’s very late (1.30am on a Monday night) and I’m still cringing at my
abandonment of Jules News. Please forgive me. At least this drought of news
has been instigated by positive forces. The MPO. We are busy to the point of
bursting. New members, old members, mail order, general enquiries, praise,
criticism (but we just delete those as they’re few and far between) 🙂 and
much more…

Where should I start? Since March there has been so much that I wanted to
report back to you… Apres Gathering, I was hoping for a semi-retirement
kind of existence. You know the kind of thing. Sort of part time rock wife.
To make time for hanging baskets, to take tea at 4 in the afternoon, over a
few fancies and general chat… to have a life outside Mike Peters and MPO.

No such luck. In the year 2000, the only tottering I have done is around the
offices of MPO. My gardening has been handed over to George (my part-time
husband substitute and odd job man – catch him at the Gathering – looks just
like Uncle Albert out of Only Fools and Horses) and the only chat I have is
with all of you…

But yes, I love it! I did slip away on a visit to Germany when Mike was
touring with Big Country, mainly to see if the Scots were as debauched as
the Mish (no comment) but suffice to say the Big Country Boys are darlings
and as for Mr. Stuart Adamson, well, we became very acquainted on my arrival
in Hambug and very drunk (much to everbody’s alarm) as it was only lunchtime
, over a few wee bottles of German brew…

Mike was so busy at the time recording his dedications that I think he was
quite relieved that I had found myself a singer substitute whilst he
recorded ‘Walk Forever’ for the ‘nth time. Willie Tocher of Big Country
Merchandise Fame and MPO member was not eager to recruit me at the Merch
Desk, considering my condition and so I was free to totter about Germany. As
it turned out I was so wasted from MPO duties that I was very ashamedly
creeping towards my bunk at the end of Big Country’s set. My reputation as
Party Bird was much damaged and several nights I was sheepishly drawn out of
my bunk to join in the festivities. The boys and Mike (bless) even surprised
me with birthday champagne (hint hint) apres a very jolly show in Germany
when Mike had to prise me away from Willie and the Big Country Desk where I
was tempting unsuspecting MP German fans to head Waleswards for G9.

Mike loved his time with BC and of course it was around this time that the
coupling up for the UK tour was suggested by BC’s manager, the hardworking
Ian Grant. At this point, Mike’s workload was horrendous. How he managed to
keep his head I’ll never know. He was flying all over Europe, the
dedications were flooding in, Alarm 2000 Day and a 12 hour sold out show was
looming and of course the finalisation and manufacturing of the Alarm 2000
Collection, of which MP was entirely responsible. On top of that,
Coloursound and X-ELL business in the USA (more of that at a later date)…

Can Mike be as angelic and down to earth as he seems, I hear you ask…?
Well, the answer to that is.. yes. As his partner of 14 years coming up this
August, he never fails to astound me for his dedication, good nature,
sweetness and complete kindness. He is a true gem and I thank God I was out
tottering on that fateful night of August 15th 1986 in the heady atmosphere
of the ‘Downtown’ AND Rhyl prom….

Life with Mike is a rollercoaster. He has the zest for life of a teenager
and is a constant source of excitement to be hanging out with. No mountain
to high and all that. Okay he is a bit of a lightweight when it comes to
putting the bins out but hey, it’s a small price to pay and of course, there
is always, George…

There is so much more to say but I feel the success of more regular columns
from me is brevity. All I did want to say is that I will be merchbirding at
Mr. Hussey and Ado’s forthcoming ventures (I’m a sucker for Blue Nun) next
month so come and say hi. I’ll be tottering at Manchester on Friday so come
and say hi and this Thursday I’ll be stealing Mike from rehearsals to take a
trip to visit Queen Liz at Buckingham Palace in my role as Councillor Jones-
Peters so maybe I will fulfill my wish of tea at 4 and gentle chat…

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