Blog: Mike Peters ‘Under Attack’ Recording Diary Entry #57

Day Fifty Seven : Monday 29th July 2005

I get a call from James Stevenson, he has been listening to the album non-stop all weekend and morning. He is not too happy with some of the mixes. I haven’t been listening since the sessions finished but my instinct is that he may be right. We are only talking about a couple of songs. He has spoken to Pete Walsh who is a long time friend of James. Pete Walsh is known for his work with Simple Minds / Scott Walker and has also worked with James on Gene Loves Jezebel at various times. He almost worked with The Alarm in the eighties but after a number of meetings, we just couldn’t work it out. He has agreed to do two tracks this weekend. I say to James to go for it. We haven’t got anything to lose, if the new mixes make the album even better than it is then so be it. Everyone wins. James is going to get Pete Walsh to remix ‘Without A Fight’ and ‘Something’s Got To Give’.