BBC – Mike and Jules – While We Still Have Time – Plays Tonight and back on iPlayer for 28 days!

While making a TV documentary about a year in the life of the rock singer Mike Peters of The Alarm, his wife Jules makes a terrifying discovery – a lump in her breast. An urgent visit to the doctor confirms that a mammogram is needed, and she expects the worst. The couple decide to keep making the documentary and the resulting film turns out to be very different to what was originally planned – a powerful and honest story of a woman with breast cancer, and her personal journey through diagnosis, surgery and treatment.

The couple are no strangers to cancer. The previous summer, husband Mike relapsed for a third time, 20 years after first being diagnosed. The chemotherapy was no longer working, and his doctor at Ysbyty Gwynedd in Bangor fought to get him on a revolutionary new drug. So if anyone can deal with cancer, Jules says they’re probably the best couple to do so. But with a US trip planned and several other commitments in the calendar, will they now have to sacrifice their busy rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle and the charity work they love? With contributions from close family friends, including U2’s Bono, who says: ‘Jules is a jewel – and she’s precious – I know she’s going to pull through’.

The Documentary also captures some of the back story to The Alarm’s powerful and critically applauded newly released album ‘Equals’ which was born from the deep emotions experienced by all affected in the telling of this incredible story.

BBC TWO WALES tonight at 11:05 then on iPlayer for the following 28 Days.