Past and Present Band Members plus Guest Musicians


Mike Peters [1977-1991 / 1999-Present Day. Founder member of The Toilets, Seventeen and The Alarm]
Richard ‘O’Malley’ Jones [1977 – joined as a member of The Toilets for one year only. Died in 2003]


James Stevenson [1999-Present Day]
Dave Sharp [1979-1991 first joined as a member of Seventeen in 1979]


Mike Peters / James Stevenson [2017 – Present Day]
Craig Adams  [1999-2017]
Derek Forbes [2009 Guest musician from Simple Minds]
Richard Llewellyn [2001-2003]
Tony Barber [2004-2005 Guest musician from Buzzcocks]
Eddie Macdonald [1978-1991 first joined as a founder member of Seventeen in 1978]
Glyn Crossley [1977 – joined as a member of The Toilets for one year only]


Smiley  [2010-Present Day]
Paul Davis  [2010 – 2018]
Danny Farrant [2006-2007 Guest musician from Spear of Destiny and Buzzcocks]
David Baynton-Power [2002-2004 Guest musician from James]
Mark Brzezicki [2000 – Guest musician from Big Country
Steve Grantley  [1999-2010 – Steve now plays drums with Stiff Little Fingers]
Twist [1977-1991 first joined as a member of The Toilets in 1977]
Dave English [1977 – joined as a member of The Toilets for one month only]


Jules Jones Peters [1992 – Present Day]
Mark Taylor  [1985-1989 / 2005 – Present Day]
Steve Allan Jones [1990 and various other times]
Rupert Black [1985 Guest musician from The Pretenders]

Guest Musicians who have made live concert appearances with The Alarm

Lou Koller [Sick Of It All]
Jason Cruz
[Strung Out]
Barb Wire Dolls
Phil Daniels [Vinyl Actor / Blur]
Glenn Tilbrook [Squeeze]
Acquire [Choir]
Carl Gunther [The Twangmasters]
Captain Sensible [The Damned]
Steve Norman [Spandau Ballet]
Steve Harris [Archive / Gary Numan]
Simon Fowler [Ocean Colour Scene]
The Scriptures [Cast of musicians and songwriters who support Love Hope Strength]
Billy Duffy [The Cult]
Richard Archer [Hard Fi]
Ian McNabb [Icicle Works]
Stu Kimball [Bob Dylan Band]
Glen Matlock [Sex Pistols]
Bruce Watson [Big Country]
Pete Wylie [The Mighty Wah!]
Kirk Brandon [Spear of Destiny]
Neil Young [Crazy Horse]
Morriston Orpheus [Choir]
Peter Knight [Steeleye Span]
Billy Connolly [Comedian]
Brian Setzer [Stray Cats]
Slim Jim Phantom [Stray Cats]
Jake Burns [Stiff Little Fingers / The Big Wheel]
The Long Ryders
The Belle Stars
Bono [U2]