Avebury Rocked !!

The Avebury Rocks event was a massive success raising in excess of £20,000.

Nick Harper: “Avebury Rocks took inspiration from two great characters in my life, Mike Peters and my mum, Monica Weston. Their unbounded positive energy shows me the way I’d like to be. When taking part in Everest Rocks I felt as far away from home as I could be and said goodbye to my mum for what I thought was the last time.. until Avebury Rocks, when Love Hope Strength came to the most magical place just down the road from her home in Wiltshire. So with Avebury Rocks another circle is complete for me, but her legacy grows and her own magic lives on in this world.”


There is a photo slideshow of the event available here on our flickr photostream.

And there is also a short Youtube clip here.

See www.lovehopestrengthfoundation.co.uk for more info.