As reported a fortnight ago in Thrills, Rhyl-based band Seventeen have been subjected to a lengthy investigation by the Department of Health and Social Security over the question of their drawing unemployment benefit whilst gigging for charity and for free.

Last week, after five months of  investigation, band members Eddie MacDonald, Nigel Buckle and Mike Peters were summoned to their local office and told that there were now no charges to be brought against them. Peters remarked to Thrills that it did seem strange the DHSS should drop the matter  as soon as the press and our MP start asking questions.

Lead guitarist MacDonald added: I hope the coverage given by the press helps other bands not to get into the same situation and also shows them that if they think they are being unfairly treated by bureaucrats they can fight back.

Seventeen are offering free entry to all kids who bring their dole cards to their next gig, on Sunday 31 August at the Kensington in Russell Gardens, W14, as a commemorative gesture. And as a peaceful gesture anyone from the Rhyl Unemployment office can claim a free ticket to another gig, at the Rock Garden in London on 16 September