Article: Ex-bandmate claims Mike Peters is improperly using the Alarm’s name

Nigel Twist alleges that some U.S. venues are billing Mike Peters/Alarm 2000 dates as simply the Alarm.

Drummer Nigel Twist of the Alarm said he plans to file an injunction to keep the band’s former frontman, Mike Peters, from touring under the Alarm’s name.

According to Twist, Peters–who is currently playing old Alarm material while touring under the official moniker Mike Peters/Alarm 2000–signed an agreement relinquishing all rights to the Alarm’s name when he left the group in 1991.

Twist, claiming that Peters never asked for permission to tour under the Alarm’s name, said he became upset when he discovered that some venues in the United States are advertising Peters’ concerts simply as the Alarm.

“It’s one of those errors of convenience,” said Twist, who currently works a public defense investigator in San Francisco. “It’s a little like someone giving you a big hug while reaching for your wallet.”

Peters did not wish to comment on the matter, his publicist said.

Author::Rob Evans