The Alarm – Christmas Gathering Replay – Wednesday December 23rd at 8pm

Due to Popular Demand….

The Alarm – Christmas Gathering Replay


An Online Global Televisual Experience for all….. 

The Alarm Christmas Gathering Replay Tickets are on sale here.

Following huge demand from fans around the world, Mike Peters and The Alarm will replay their unique Christmas Gathering into homes all over the world starting at 8pm on Wednesday December 23rd 2020,

The Alarm Christmas Gathering Replay Tickets are on sale here.

Following universal praise from fans and friends all around the world, The Alarm Christmas Gathering will replay globally on Wednesday December 23rd at 8pm.

It really was an incredible and unmissable Christmas Gathering and ever since the program aired on Saturday, we have been inundated with requests from fans unable to make the original broadcast times so we are pleased to announce that our broadcast partners Moment House have organised a worldwide replay event for 8pm on Wednesday 23rd December.

Mike Peters and The Alarm held nothing back on Saturday night, performing seventeen songs in total including a brilliant and unexpected finale  (no spoilers please!!!), that had everyone dancing in their living rooms!

Mike Peters also rocked up with three other songs performed solo at the acoustic jukebox stage (A different song was performed for both The Americas and Asia broadcasts). The show was presented throughout by Jules Jones Peters who introduced Alarm fans to some incredible video content including a world premiere of the brand new Alarm recording ‘History Repeating’ which will feature as the title track on The Alarm’s 40th Anniversary Anthology set for release in June 2021.

The sound and production vaule was first rate, and we even had a specially recorded Christmas Message from the Reverend Clive Southerton based on The Alarm’s universal theme of  ‘Walk Forever By My Side’. Jules had even discovered in The Alarm Vault a tape of  home movie footage of a Mike Peters’ Christmas song demo-recording session from 30 years ago that had never been seen or heard before now!

So, if you are able join us on Wednesday for The Christmas Gathering Replay please do. This time around, the broadcast will feature live commentary and interaction with Mike and Jules Peters.

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Virtual Tickets for The Alarm’s Christmas Gathering Replay allow exclusive access to the broadcast which will be geo-synchronised to locations around the world at 8pm on December 23rd and will run for approximately two hours featuring The Alarm playing live and electric from a seasonal recording studio setting, with additional and exclusive video content and acoustic performances presented from the home of Mike and Jules Peters.

The Alarm Christmas Gathering Replay will be broadcast on the evening of Wednesday December 23rd 2020, as part of a Big Night In Special presentation hosted by Mike and Jules Peters who are inviting all Alarm fans to come together in their own homes and celebrate the holiday season in party style with (where possible), their friends and families.

The Christmas Gathering Replay will be geo-synchronised, so that fans around the world will have the option of choosing a broadcast time suitable for their location.

The Alarm Christmas Gathering Replay Tickets are on sale here.

The Christmas Gathering Replay will be screened at 8pm in these 5 Global Time Zones [see below].

Zone 1European Time (8pm UK / 9pm Europe) Wednesday December 23rd 2020)

Zone 2The Americas (East) 8pm  on Wednesday December 23rd 2020

Zone 3The Americas (Central) 8pm  on Wednesday December 23rd 2020

Zone 4The Americas (West) 8pm  on Wednesday December 23rd 2020

Zone 5Asia (Japan 7pm and Australia 9pm) 8pm on Wednesdayy December 23rd 2020