S2:E8: Season Finale With Mike Peters Interview

The season 2 finale of Never Let The Fires Die mixes host discussion and fan thoughts of the 2018 USA tour, with an in depth discussion on the state of The Alarm and the music industry with the man Mike Peters himself.   Watch/Listen  below or in iTunes or Google Play  

S2:E4: The Unexplained

The Never Let The fires Die Podcast returns from a long hiatus to continue season 2!  In this episode Steve And Jeff Fulton attempt to review the new Declaration album reissue, but are thwarted (somewhat) by some unexplained occurrences.    Will they get it back on track to finish their review?  Also included for absolutely no extra charge: A lesson on how to pronounce a rarely used English word. Watch/Listen  [read more]

S2:E2: Forgotten Songs From The ITPF Bond

Between 2001 and 2003, Mike Peters and his new version of The Alarm demoed and recorded 50 songs that formed basis of the next 1/2 decade of music from The Alarm. “The Bond” was the name of the subscription fans could buy-into so they could receive the songs as they were recorded. In all 11 full electric demos (unreleased), and 5 full albums were produced as part of the The [read more]

S2:E1: A Family Visit To The Van’s Warped Tour

On August 6th, 2017 I took my family to The Van’s Warped Tour stop in Pomona, CA.   Obviously, we went to see The Alarm, but I also wanted my kids to experience a modern “punk” show and get their reaction.  This is the story of our day. Features: Mike Peters Warped Tour Harmonica Lesson Mike Peters Interview The final few songs of the final show of The Alarm on [read more]

S1:E9: An Alarm Father’s Day Story – A Moment Near Aspen Grove

“The Alarm E.P. might be my favorite record ever recorded. It was five slices of what made The Alarm great, and what made them stand-out among their contemporaries. On that record, they sounded like no other band that came before or after. The sound was at once punk and pop and folk played with carefully crafted, wild abandon. It combined harmonicas, barnstorm stomping, electrified acoustic strumming, military style snare drumming, and hoops and hollers into a mix that defied description. If I had to find one, it might have been the Battle Of Little Big Horn, Custer’s Last Stand, if it was thrown into a blender and set to music. To me, the sound was imperfect, organic and life affirming. The minute I first heard it back in 1983, I knew I had found a missing part of my soul, raggedly shoved into place, and for the first time in my life, I felt like whole person.”
[read more]

S1:E8: Alarm Alarm

This week Jeff and Steve Fulton discuss the legendary “lost” Alarm song, “Alarm Alarm”.  What will they find as they excavate 40 years of Alarm history, looking for what could be, the quintessential Alarm track?    Featuring a brand new interview with Mike Peters. Listen or watch  below or in iTunes or Google Play Cast Steve Fulton (Host) Jeff Fulton (Host) Mike Peters Crew Jeff Fulton: Audio wrangler Steve Fulton: Engineer, [read more]

S1:E7 : Blood Red Album Review

In this episode, hosts Jeff and Steve Fulton completely geek out while reviewing the new album from Mike Peters And The Alarm, Blood+Red. “I may be completely off base here, but I believe this whole record and everything about it was a direct, calculated move by Mike Peters to try to save his wife’s life.    From themes and words of the songs, to structure of the song themselves, from the [read more]

S1:E6: Of Miracles And Manchester

UK Roving Reporters Steve and Amanda Varty take us into a fan’s eye view of the 2017 Manchester Alarm Show May 11th at the O2 Ritz.   Hear the Steve and Amanda’s expert opinions on The Alarm, and Marvel at the Amazing Story of Amanda Varty’s illness and recovery Notes: Never mind the Buzzsocks Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jtlFkdJpAPQ Full Story of Amanda and Steve Varty : Dance Again : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HSfRRUYoe7E Cast: Steve Fulton : [read more]

S1:E5: Extra Bits And Odds And Bobs And Sods

In this bonus podcast we revisit a few of the previous episodes.   We have a full version of the “Georgie” demo from Podcast #1,  some additional interviews from Podcast #2, and a version of “The Cross” played that the UCLA LA Gathering that did not make it into episode #2. Listen or watch  below or in iTunes or Google Play

S1:E4: Backstage At The UK Tour Kickoff

Listen as roving UK reporters Gary Overington and Mike Peters himself take you on a unique journey backstage at the 2017 UK Tour Kickoff in Portsmouth. Includes interviews with with the crew and band (including a very personal and interview with Jules Jones conducted by Gary) plus several live performances. [read more]

S1:E3 NYC Gathering with Guest Lily Elsayed

In this JUMBO episode, Jeff and Alarm super fan Lily Elsayed discuss the NYC Gathering, the WLIR documentary, The Man In The Camo Jacket, 13 Reasons Why, and for some reason, Mike Peters’s 1991 trouser selection. Steve Fulton dials in from the road, and joins at the end. [read more]

S1:E2: Interview Session From 30th Anniversary Spirit Of’86 Event, UCLA, 2016

Introduction, Interview, live song from the 2016 30th Anniversary Spirit of ’86 UCLA event. Alarm podcast host Steve Fulton interviewed Mike Peters on-stage in a Q&A session. This session was really the true genesis of the Never Let The Fire Die podcast. Jeff and I discussed creating a podcast on the way home after the event, and Mike agreed the next day. [read more]

S1:E1: The First USA Gathering: UCLA, April 22, 2017

In this episode we visit the first USA Gathering at UCLA on April 22nd, 2017. We discuss the debut of the documentary “The Man In The Camo Jacket”, as well as our overall impressions of the first USA Gathering. We also discuss some a few other interesting tidbits that Alarm fans should find interesting. [read more]

S0:E1: “The Night Young Georgie Died”

“The Punk-rockness of RAW is like if you too ka piece of paper and burnt the edges around it. Raw is burnt around the edges”
“At one time I was really into Permanence In Change”
“I actually think Permanence In Change Is The Best Song On The Record”
“It’s a great song”
“Who’s Georgie?”
“Somebody probably needed to stand-up and say ‘enough is enough let’s make this band built around what is great’. Dave, if he wasn’t getting his way, should have had the courage to walk away and take his music with him”
[read more]