‘Thoughts Of A Young Man’ [2:50] (MacDonald/Peters), The Alarm

‘Thoughts Of A Young Man’ [2:50] (MacDonald/Peters), The Alarm
Lead Vocals:Mike Peters

I am a young man of modest income 
I hope this will get through  There's a lot of people here
Who would like to have the chance of writing this letter to you. 
I share a dream and I pray that it will come true 
One day, we will see a better land.

Until that day 
We will watch men play the games of fire as if there is no tomorrow
And then we'll laugh and then we'll cry at the play that is set 'fore their eyes. 
I've got a ticket for the show that theatre show
That show is playing in my home.  

When you sent my ticket did you not know I had no desire to see the show 
And I can't get a refund when you give me the reason "the management's not responsible"
I need some answers to these questions of mine
I need a quick reply

As the pace gets quicker, the plot gets thicker.  
The end is all so easy to see And I would like to leave but I'm stuck to my seat, no I can't see the exit signs. 
'Fire' but no one seems to know what it means
'Fire', no water can stop these flames.

So when get my letter, 
And I think you'd better, take heed of everything that you read 
'Cause when the fighting's over and no one has won 
Who'll be left to ask where did this all begin?

Where did this all begin?
Where did this all begin?
Where did this all begin?
Where'd it all begin?

:Produced by Mick Glossop
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