‘This Is War (acoustic)’ [3:50] (Mike Peters), Mike Peters

‘This Is War (acoustic)’ [3:50] (Mike Peters), Mike Peters
Lead Vocals:Mike Peters

You say you need me like you need hypertension
If I fell to sleep right now I know you'd put me right out of action
To say we've lost control would be an understatement
This thing that we're undertaking... this ain't love this is war

Whatever I say to you whatever I try to do
I can't do the right thing.. right for doing wrong to you
To say we're going nowhere is shooting wide of the mark
We're heading for a confrontation... this ain't love this is war

I will raise the white flag.. I will call a truce
I'm going to surrender.. lay down my guns to you
Don't you want to do the right thing now we're bound for collision course
We've triggered off a chain reaction... this ain't love this is war

:Produced by Mike Peters
Recorded Wales Summer 1994

Mike Peters: Harmonica
Field Marshall Slug: Acoustic guitar
Owen Thomas: Percussion
Jules Jones: Backing vox
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