The Alarm – History Repeating – CD / LP – PRE-ORDER NOW for new October 15th Street Date

The Alarm – History Repeating 1981 – 2021

The  brand new 40th Anniversary Double CD / Double LP collection to be released on the new street date of October 15th 2021.

The Double CD Edition features 44 of The Alarms biggest singles and greatest songs, while the Double LP features 27 classic tracks across four sides of vinyl.

Every single one of the tracks that make up the CD / LP collections,  have been mastered by Pete Maher and the compilation produced by Mike Peters with artwork lovingly created by Mike and illustrator Dan Shearn.

Spanning all eras of The Alarm Timeline, History Repeating 1981 – 2021  brings together all of the bands ‘Crown Jewels’, including a brand new and previously unreleased recording of the title track, and features all of the keynote tracks that have helped create The Alarm’s phenomenal and loyally dedicated following.

History Repeating CD / LP is available to pre-order now:

The Double CD comes in a replica LP gatefold sleeve configuration, and is the most comprehensive ‘Best Of’ ever released by the group since 1998’s Best of The Alarm and Mike Peters.

The Double LP Edition comes in a gatefold configuration and is the first ‘Best O’f compilation to appear on vinyl since 1990s Standards.

History Repeating is the record every single Alarm fan will want to own with its distinctive Red Poppy cover and beautiful depiction of The Alarm family across the inner gatefold.

NB: 100 copies of the History Repeating 4 x LP Vinyl Box Set have been created exclusively for and this final print run is also available to pre-order now. The Box Set itself is beautifully crafted with each LP housed in a their own sleeve with a 48 page booklet that includes a personal history of the band written by Mike Peters, along with exclusive photos shot at important historic sites unique to The Alarm’s history.

Tracklistings are as follows:

CD ONE 2021 – 2000

History Repeating [Brand New 2021 Recording]
Two Rivers [Previously Unreleased Version]
Equals [Lead Single Version]
Brighter Than The Sun [Lead Single Version]
Heroine [Lead Single Version]
Beautiful [Lead Single Version]
Blood Red Viral Black [Lead Single Version]
There Must Be A Way [Single Version]
In The Poppy Fields [Lead Single Version]
A Breed Apart [Lead Single Version]
Free Rock And Roll [Previously Unreleased Mike Peters Vocal Version]
Everafter [Lead Single Version]
Direct Action [Lead Single Version]
All Seeing [Lead Single Version]
Alarm Calling [Lead Single Version]
Three Sevens Clash [Lead Single Version]
Raindown [Single Version]
Superchannel [Single Version]
New Home New Life [Single Version]
45 RPM [Single Version]
The Drunk And The Disorderly [Lead Single Version]
Close [Single Version]

CD TWO 1999 – 1981

Flesh And Blood [Previously Unreleased Radio Edit Version]
Rise [Lead Single Version]
Feel Free [Lead Single Version]
Breathe [Lead Single Version]
Raw [Single Version]
Love Dont Come Easy [Single Version]
A New South Wales [Single Version]
Sold Me Down The River [Single Version]
Presence Of Love [Single Version]
Rescue Me [Single Version]
Rain In The Summertime [Single Version]
Knife Edge [Single Version]
Spirit Of 76 [Previously Unreleased Radio Edit Version]
Strength [Single Version]
Absolute Reality [Single Version]
The Chant Has Just Begun [Single Version]
The Deceiver [Single Version]
Where Were You Hiding When The Storm Broke? [Single Version]
Sixty Eight Guns [Single Version]
The Stand [Single Version]
Marching On [Single Version]
Unsafe Building [Single Version]


Side One (1981-1986)

  1. Marching On [Single Version]
  2. The Stand [Single Version]
  3. Sixty Eight Guns [Single Version]
  4. Where Were You Hiding When The Storm Broke? [Single Version]
  5. Absolute Reality [Single Version]
  6. Strength [Single Version]
  7. Spirit Of ’76 [Previously Unreleased Radio Edit Version]

Side Two (1987-1991)

  1. Rain In The Summertime [Single Version]
  2. Rescue Me [Single Version]
  3. Presence Of Love [Single Version]
  4. Sold Me Down The River [Single Version]
  5. A New South Wales [Single Version]
  6. Love Don’t Come Easy [Single Version]
  7. Raw [Single Version]

Side Three (2000-2009)

  1. Close [Single Version]
  2. 45 RPM [Single Version]
  3. Superchannel [Single Version]
  4. New Home New Life [Single Version]
  5. Raindown [Single Version]
  6. Three Sevens Clash [Album Version]
  7. All Seeing [Video Version]

Side Four (2010-2021)

  1. Direct Action [ Lead Single Version]
  2. A Breed Apart [Lead Single Version]
  3. In The Poppy Fields [Lead Single Version]
  4. Brighter Than The Sun [Single Version]
  5. Two Rivers [Previously Unreleased Version]
  6. History Repeating [Brand New 2021 Recording]


The 4 x LP Box Set Edition is exclusive to featuring 47 tracks in total (46 of them totally unique to the 4 x LP collection).

The Box Set tells a more alternative story of Alarm history with at least one essential recording from every year of the group’s timeline, plus many important live recordings from the most iconic milestones of the band’s lifetime along with many rare b-sides and fan favourites to complete this most comprehensive document of  Alarm History.

The Box Set also comes with a 48 page book featuring exclusive photos and extensive sleeve notes written personally by Mike Peters.

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History Repeating is available to pre-order now.