Strength Oral History Begins 1900 BST

This Sunday, September 27th at 1900 [BST], you can read the first of an eleven part series entitled ‘Strength – An Oral History‘.

Created by Alarm Webmaster – Steve Fulton., this specially commissioned piece of extensive journalism promises to be a revelatory experience for Alarm fans who think they know all there is to know about ‘Strength’ and the global touring period that began in late 1985 at the Marquee Club in London, and ended the following summer in the same city at Wembley Stadium. Strength – An Oral History begins with the writing and recording of ‘The Chant Hs Just Begun’, the encounters with members of The Clash right through to the recording and release of the ‘Strength’ album and on to the triumphant UCLA appearance of April 12th 1986 that almost never happened!

We at estimate that there is over 10 hours of exclusive multi media material to assimilate throughout the entire serialisation, certainly the most extensive analysis of any period in Alarm history ever published.


All the protagonists in the incredible story of ‘Strength’ are heard through direct quotation and in their own words. Author – Steve Fulton was also granted unprecedented access to Mike Peters personal 1986 tour diary and recording archive and unearthed a mass of never before seen photos, video, press cuttings and audio clips that will be aired throughout the series which begins this Sunday at 1900 (BST) exclusively at (The other parts to the serialisation will follow on at the same time slot of 1900 BST every following day).

Additional exclusive content will also be broadcast throughout the series on other official Alarm social media including Facebook, TwitterFlickr and Instagram.

Come back to this Sunday, and every following day, for ‘Strength – An Oral History’, as the anticipation for the ‘Strength’ 30th anniversary record release day on October 2nd builds, taking us all the way through to October 10th when Mike Peters and The Alarm of today take to the stage at the Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff on October 10th 2015.