Seventeen: CD, ‘A Flashing Blur Of Stripped Down Excitement’ cat #:Vinyl Japan, country: UK

Release of 12 Seventeen Songs.
Talking About The Weekend (1979 WSRS Demo)
Stop Thinking About Yourself (1979 WSRS Demo)
I Can’t Control Myself (1979 WSRS Demo)
Street Of 1000 Faces (1979 WSRS Demo)
Hear Me Out (1979 WSRS Demo)
Nights Over Now (1979 WSRS Demo)
Please Please Me (1979 WSRS Demo)
Say What I Think (1979 WSRS Demo)
Nothing Lasts Forever (1979 WSRS Demo)
It’s Only Natural (1979 WSRS Demo)
Every Night Of The Week (1979 WSRS Demo)
Here Comes The Night (1979 WSRS Demo)
Don’t Let Go (1979 Vendetta Single)
Bank Holiday Weekend (1979 Vendetta Single)

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