My Alarm Story – David Stannard

On May the 14th 1983, The Alarm played Leeds University.

I was there that night for my first ever gig at the tender age of 12, accompanied by an older friend who I had talked in to going and who my parents had trusted to take me.
The tickets were £3.50 and had been purchased some weeks before from Jumbo records.

The first thing my mate did was buy me a pint in the Fenton pub and on arrival at Leeds Uni, we made our way up to the balcony to watch the gig due to me been a bit tipsy after a pint of lager.

That first gig was fantastic and we were both hooked.

I bought Declaration as soon as it came out using £5.00 my grandma had given me as pocket money.

Over the years we have attended many shows and Gatherings and tomorrow night (Friday 4th April) at Korks in Otley, I will once again be in attendance with the same mate of 30 years ago and the same mate who has always been there and never let me down over the last 30 years.

I can just about take my lager a bit better these days, so I’m looking forward to hearing Declaration once again and having a pint with my best mate.

Hope it’s a stormer and thanks for all the music and gigs over the years!